The Purest Flavors

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Have you noticed that?


Why is Yummi House's wild honey named after various fruits or flowers? It's NOT because it has flavors like mango, barley, cotton, etc. It's because Yummi House's wild honey is named based on the place where the wild beehives grow, such as on mango trees, and when our team harvests honey from mango trees, it is named "Mango" monofloral honey (or polyfloral honey, and so on).


The uniqueness of wild honey lies in the fact that it doesn't acquire the taste of flowers, trees, or fruits through any processing. The purest flavors of wild honey are "SWEET", "SOUR", "BITTER", and "ASTRINGENT", these four tastes that come directly from nature, which is natural and pure.


Some wild honey may also have characteristics like sweetness with a hint of acidity or bitterness with a lingering astringency. This is the distinctive feature of pure, natural wild honey. Without any chemical processing, it is simply filtered and canned at the time of harvest.