Make Your Own Wild Honey Drink



1. Prepare one cup of 200ml warm water (below 70°C). 

2. Use wooden spoon yo extract around 20gm honey (one scoop).

3. Stir well until the honey is fully soluble into water.

4. You may serve it warm or add in some ice cubes to serve it as cold honey drinks.

5. Add in slices of lemon can increase the refreshing taste for honey drinks. 


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Use warm water below 70°C to brew honey.

Do not use metal spoon to extract honey.

Ensure lid is closed properly to prevent unwanted moisture and odors.

Do not keep in fridge to prevent solidification.

Do not let babies below 1 year old consume honey.



For Cough & Flu

Prepare a cup of 250ml warm water, add 1 scoop of honey around 25 - 25gram. Stir well and then add in a slice of ginger. Drink twice a day for continuously 3 days to have better result.

For Sore Throat

Extract a small scoop of wild honey around 10gram and consume directly just like having a lollipop! Try for at least 3 days will eventually soothe your scratchy throat and relieve pain.

For Constipation

Prepare a cup of 25oml warm water, add 1 scoop of honey around 25 - 30gram and stir well. Drink 3 times per day after meal can improve your bowel movements.

For Backache

A cup of honey from Wild Jungle series can relieve back pain and soreness by adding a slice of ginger. Recommended to consume it at morning. 

For Better Sleep

Consume a cup of honey from Polyfloral Honey series at nigh time can achieve better sleeping quality.