Why natural wild honey have a long shelf time?

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The reason why natural wild honey can be stored for a long time without expiration is mainly related to the following aspects :



The main components of honey are sugars, mainly glucose and sucrose. The moisture content in honey is relatively low, usually less than 15%, and microorganisms (such as bacteria and yeast) need moisture to survive and reproduce. Since the moisture content of honey is much lower than what microorganisms need to survive, microorganisms cannot reproduce in honey, making honey less susceptible to spoilage.



Honey usually has high acidity, with a pH between 3.2 and 4.5, which is also helpful in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Highly acidic environments are not conducive to the growth of most bacteria and microorganisms.



Honey contains substances with antibacterial properties, such as hydroperoxides and enzymes. These ingredients help inhibit the growth and activity of microorganisms.



Honey has very low water density, which means the water is virtually unavailable for microbial growth because it is tightly bound by the sugars in honey.



If honey remains sealed, it prevents the entry of outside air and microorganisms, thus maintaining its purity and long-term durability.


Due to these properties, natural wild honey can be stored under the right conditions for long periods of time, without losing its edible qualities. To ensure your honey stays in its best condition, it's best to store it in a DRY, AIRTIGHT CONTAINER, and avoid bringing outside impurities (such as bread crumbs or knives and forks) into the honey to prevent contamination. Note that high temperatures may affect the color and flavor of honey, so it's best to store it at room temperature.