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Mature honey refers to honey that has been stored in wild beehives for a long enough time. The nectar brought back to the hive by the bees is gradually converted into honey after the action of enzymes and the evaporation of water. The honey stored in the hive gradually matures after being maintained by the bees for a period of time.


Mature honey has the following characteristics :



Ripe honey is generally thicker than fresh honey because water gradually evaporates during storage, making the honey thicker.



The color of honey may vary depending on the source of the plant and geographic location, but mature honey is generally more stable in color and less likely to become cloudy or layered.



Ripe honey usually has a more floral aroma and a specific flavor, depending on the species of plant from which the bees collected the nectar.



Due to the high sugar concentration, low acidity and antibacterial properties in honey, mature honey has a natural preservative effect and can be stored for a long time without decaying.



The nutrients in mature honey are more easily absorbed by the body and therefore generally have more nutritional value.